Water Baptism
1) Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to baptize belivers. Matthes 28:19-20

2) Who are the only true candidates for baptism?
a) Only those who have repented and been saved. Matthew 3: 2-8, Acts 2:37-38
b) Only those that believe the gospel. Mark 16:15-16
c) Only those that have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Acts 8:36-37
d) Therefore infants do not need baptized.

3) Immersion is the only true mode of water baptism. The Greek work "baptizo" means to "immerse".
a) Jesus was baptized as an example for us and he was immersed. Matthew 3:13-16
i) He went into the river Jordan and came up out of the water. He was immersed.
b) Philip baptized the Ehhiopian eunuch. Acts 8:36-37
i) Both minister and candiate went into the water. verse38
ii) Both came up out of the water. The eunuch was immersed by Philip. verse 39

4) What is the sciptural design and purpose of water baptism?
a) It is an outward sign of an inwared work which has already taken place in the heart of the candidate. It is symbolic or figurative of the cleansing from sin.
Acts 22:11-16
i) That was Paul's testimony at a later date. He was already saved and santified before he was baptized. Acts 9:1-18
ii) It is a "figure " or representatin of salvatin.
I Peter 3:20-21
iii) Literal water cannot cleanse the heart from sin. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can do that.
Revelation 1:5
iv) The household of Cornelius was baptized after they had received the Holy Ghost. Therefore water batpism does not actualy save the sould from sin for only saved people can be sanctified or receive the Holy Ghost.
Acts 10:44-47
b) It represents our death and burial to sin and out being raised to a new life in Christ. Colossians 2:12-13, Romans 6:1-4
i) Immersion is the only mode of baptism which correctly demonstrates a death to sin and a resurrection to a new life in Christ.

5) Jesus Christ, the head of the church, taught his disciples the true baptismal ceremony. Matthew 28:19
a) Candidates must be baptized n the "name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."
b) Wjem tje Bible refers to diciples baptizing in the "name of Jesus Christ" it means their authority and power to do so came from Jesus Christ. Acts 2:38,
Acts 8:16
i) The disciples also taught the people in the name of Jesus. Acts 4:17-18
ii) They spoke in teh name of Jesus. Acts 5:40
iii) They preached in the name of Jesus. Acts 9:27
iv) We are to do all in the name of Jesus. Colossians 3:16
v) Our power and authority to do good works comes from our Lord Jesus Christ for he said "without me ye can do nothing." John 15:5

C) The disciples obeyed their Lord Jesus Christ, the head of the church, and baptized in the " name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. " Matthew 28:19

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