Divine Healing
1) The healing ministry of Jesus is foretold in the Old Testament. Isaiah 35:4-6, Isaiah 53:1-5, Malachi 4:2
a) Christ suffered and shed His blood not onl for salvation of soul but also for the healing of the body. 
Isaiah 53:4-5, Psalms 103:2-3, Matthew 9:2-6

2) Divine healing is part of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Matthew 4:23-24, Matthew 8:13-17
a) Christ gave the power of healing to the twelve apostles. Matthew 10:1
b) He gave that power to the seventy. Luke10:1, 8-9
c) He gave that power to Stephen, Paul and, others.
Acts 6:8, Acts 14:8-10, Acts 28:8
d) The gifts of healing are given to some in the true New Testament church. I Corinthians 12:9

3) What should we do in case of sickness? James 5:13-15
a) What if there are no elders (ministers) present? James 5:13,  John 15:17,  John 14:14

4) Conditions for divine healing.
a) Faith. Matthew 9:28-29, Matthew 21:21-22, Mark 9:23
b) Sometimes importunity or perserverance.
Matthew 15:22-28, Mark 10:46-52, Luke 18:1-8
c) Sometimes patience. Hebrews 6:12-15, Psalms 40:1
d) Sometimes faults or wrong attitudes between brethren need to be confessed and forsaken in order to be agreed in prayer. James 5:16

5) How do we know God will hear us and answer prayer?  I John 3:21-22,  I John5:14-15

6) The day of healing is not past. Mark 16:17-18

7) Jesus Christ still has the power and willingness to heal those who ask in faith believing. Hebrews 13:8
a) His power and ability is the same. Matthew 28:18, Luke 5:15-17, Ephesians 3:20
b) His willingness is still the same. Matthew 8:1-7
c) His compassion for the sick and suffering is still the same. Matthew 14:14

6) Divine healing glorifies God. Matthew 15:30 -31

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